Top 3 Sonoma County WiFi Hotspots to Work From (not) at Home - Loren Hansen Photography

Working or studying from home can get a little boring...and lonely, but a change of scenery can not only improve your mood, but also boost your creativity. Here's a list of spots I like to hit to keep me busy all day long-- I like to think of it as "WiFi tourism."

Morning: Taylor Maid Coffee

6790 McKinley Street 

Sebastopol, CA 95472


It's early, 6:30 A.M. actually and I'm not quite ready to branch out of my WiFi comfort zone yet. I yearn for that bustling coffee, shop atmosphere and of course my lifeblood...COFFEE. With huge windows, locally roasted coffee, and an upstairs working area from which I can look down on all the tiny peasants while I sanctimoniously  update Facebook...I mean "work" this spot is the perfect place to wake up and get the day started.

...but first, coffee!

Noon: Windgap Wines

6780 McKinley St.

Sebastopol, CA 95472


With their farmhouse-chic decor, filtered natural light, and refreshing wine list this is the perfect place to work when I want to feel like I'm a classy gal working from a Sunset Magazine spread. Plus a tasty glass of wine is the perfect way to take the edge off of my caffeine-fueled morning. If I'm really nice, sometimes they even let me play DJ with their killer record collection.

Do people REALLY use the spittoon?

Wow, does Martha Stewart work here?

So many tunes!

Evening: Brew Coffee & Beer

555 Healdsburg Ave

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


With just the right amount of mid 90's chill-factor, Brew is the perfect place to end my WiFi tour. They carry fresh roasted Ritual coffee and a rotating list of delicious and hard-to find craft beers--the perfect accent to my flannel and leather jacket. Best of all they offer a slew of healthy and hearty coffee-shop snacks like avocado toast on locally made bread --but hey, the cookies are there too if you need them.

Lemon bar and IPA, match made in heaven.

Taste the rainbow

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